Logo Placement

The placement of your logo on our race cars, vehicle transporter, paddock walls, and race team clothing exposes your brand to tens of thousands of super-engaged fans at every race weekend. Size and positioning of logos on the race car and team clothing varies with sponsorship level; both get significant focus on TV broadcasts and on live streaming.
Your logo will also be included on all press releases, and will be present on Pfaff websites as a motorsport partner. Monthly unique visits for Pfaff websites range from 5,000 visitors a month to over 25,000.


Pfaff Motorsports issues press releases every weekend to a targeted list of over 100 journalists that cover the racing scene. More importantly, our racing efforts have a huge following on social media, with over 15,000 followers between Pfaff Automotive and Pfaff Motorsports on Instagram, as well as over 12,000 followers between Pfaff Automotive and Pfaff Porsche on Facebook. Our monthly electronic newsletters reach over 50,000 customers and prospects across the Pfaff network.

Pfaff Events

Presenting your brand at Pfaff events gives you the opportunity to connect with a passionate, high-end audience that’s looking to deepen its relationship with Pfaff and our partners.
Perhaps most importantly, Pfaff’s events attract a large percentage of business owners and executives that represent prime opportunity to build business-to-business relationship. Our race team sponsors have often found synergies that have benefitted both parties and helped build their businesses.

Product Placement

Pfaff offers you the opportunity to present your product directly in our dealerships – either through point of sale material or through the sale of actual product, subject to our manufacturer partner regulations.

Track Hospitality

Partner with Pfaff to get access to VIP hospitality experiences at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and throughout the racing season, where you can host your best clients or prospects at the racetrack. You’ll also receive exclusive behind-the-scenes access
to our race team.

Replica Vehicles &Driver Appearances

Top-tier partners also get access to a replica Porsche race car, drivable on the street, which can be used as a marketing tool, employee incentive, or more. Display the replica race car at your office or one of your showrooms; offer it as an executive perk for a weekend; or use it for photo ops with your employees.
All sponsorship levels also give you access to appearances from Pfaff Motorsports drivers for employee or customer events, making real your connection to the race team

A La Carte Options

Corporate Track Days
Host a corporate event at the racetrack with Pfaff. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park offers two track facilities for different levels of driving skill, each with their own dedicated hospitality building that can be configured to suit your needs. Take advantage of full A/V and catering facilities, then unleash your team or your customers on the racetrack in our fleet of high-performance track rental vehicles for an experience they’ll never forget.

In-Dealership Events
As a Pfaff partner, you have access to any of our dealership facilities to host your own events for customers or employees. Our dealerships are state-of-the art, beautifully maintained, and can accommodate a wide range of group sizes or event concepts. Pfaff’s event manager can work with you to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Single-Race Logo Placement
Place your logo on our race car for a single race to reach the audience in exactly the location you wish. The Pfaff Motorsports team will work with you to place your company’s branding on the race car for one weekend.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Total: 2
Available: 1
Total: 3
Available: 2
Total: 5
Available: 5
Total: 5
Available: 3
Logo Placement
Race car exterior 2 Large 2 Medium 2 Small (Logo Stack)
Transporter exterior 1 Large 1 Medium 1 Small 1 Small
Paddock Walls 1 Large 1 Medium 1 Small
Team Clothing Large Black Small Sleeve
Pfaff Websites - Corporate/Porsche
Pfaff Websites - Other
Press Releases
Press Release Mentions X
Social Media Mentions 5 per Month 5 per Month 5 per Month 5 per Month
Integration into Pfaff Newsletters
Invitations To Pfaff Brand Events All Events 15 Events 10 Events 10 Events
Activation At Pfaff Brand Events 3 Activations 1 Activation
Activation At Pfaff Motorsports Launch
Product Placement
Product in Pfaff Dealerships
Product Exclusivity In Pfaff Dealerships
Track Hospitality
VIP Hospitality Tickets @ CTMP Weekend 10 10 4 2
General Admission Tickets @ CTMP Weekend 20 10 4
VIP Hospitality Tickets @ U.S. Weekends 10
General Admission Tickets @ U.S. Weekend 10 20 10 10
Vehicle Usage
Replica Car Wrapper with your Livery Partial
Replica Car Access 15 Days 10 Days 5 Days
Replica Car + Driver Apperances 3 Appearances 2 Appearances 1 Appearance 1 Appearance
Exclusive Track Evening Event 1 Appearance 1 Appearance